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Diane Scherrer


Child in the program:

My son, Joseph, has been a member since 2014

Why I like being involved with CAPS:

My son was never really into team activities as he could not follow all of the rules involved. I hesitated to sign him up for baseball and figured that after the first game, we would be done. I can still remember that first day we showed up on the field to get his jersey. This was like nothing I had imagined. They had teams, coaches, buddies, real jerseys for the kids and the families all hung around together like one big family. The game they played did not disappoint as well. The fun that was encourage without any rules to remember. My son could do this! This truly is an organization that cares about people with disabilities. They are warm, caring and loving. They are a family–a family made up of all kinds of people. People of all kinds of colors, ages, races and nationalities–all with one thing in common, we have special kids!

My son has benefited greatly in just these past couple of years. The changes in him as a person are contributed to him being involved with CAPS. He has different kinds of sports activities all year round and social activities including dances, animal nights, movie nights and boat trips. He is more outgoing and actually, now, enjoys team sports. But the best part is that he has made friends–that, hopefully, he keeps through the rest of his life!