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Maria Lagona


Child in the program:

My daughter, Anna Maria, has been a member since 1995

Why I like being involved with CAPS:

I have been part of the CAPS organization for the past 22 years .That’s when my daughter started playing baseball. Once she started playing she never stopped. Every summer our lives revolve around Tuesdays and baseball. Just watching the determination on her face when she is up to bat and then the look of happiness when the bat and the ball meet is the best feeling a parent can have.

The last eight years she has participated in CAPS all year. This allows her to have a healthy outlet and growth opportunity during the long winter months. CAPS also provides a social outlet, which she would not have, without our social events.

CAPS provides a social outlet for me. The opportunity to socialize with parents in my same situation is not only knowledgeable but comforting. It is nice to be in a place where we all fit in…….